It’s National Creamsicle Day

I love oranges. The smell, the taste, sectioned into pieces or as a juice, and I find them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Heck, I used to eat baby aspirin as a kid because I loved that delicious orange flavor.

It’s a fact that I bought out all the “Henri Bendel Orange Flower” products from Bath and Body Works when they discontinued it a few years ago. I don’t know how WHY they discontinued it. It was the best smelling stuff EVER.  I estimate that I have about another cycle of the earth orbiting the sun before I run out.

I don’t, however, love creamsicles. I mean, they’re okay, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get one. In fact, I’d be more apt to just take a small bite of yours instead of enjoying a whole one by myself.

I rarely go down the frozen food aisle, mostly because I’m not a fan of prepackaged meals or frozen vegetables. If I’m picking up anything from that aisle, it’s vanilla ice cream for the other three members of my family or garlic toast. I just never thought to pick up creamsicles. I guess I’m surprised to learn that they still exist.

There’s something about ice cream surrounded by a popsicle that just doesn’t mesh for me. Just because they’re both frozen doesn’t mean they belong together. I like popsicles. I occasionally like ice cream. But together? That’s just wrong. It doesn’t mimic the amazing union of peanut butter and chocolate, or even Sonny and Cher. Creamsicles, to me, are more like Laverne’s Milk and Pepsi combo.

As I was researching Creamsicles, I learned that there are other flavors aside from the traditional orange. They include  raspberry, blue raspberry, lime, and grape. Ick. These flavors don’t make creamsicles any more appealing to me. I would figure they’d try a root beer flavor… at least that’s sorta like a root beer float. I don’t like those either.

Summer does call for a tasty frozen treat from time to time. I’ll spring for an Ice Cream Truck run about once a summer. Despite all the kids in our neighborhood, the Ice Cream Man doesn’t really drive by our place very often. That carousel-like tinkling of circus music gets my kids so excited. The kids stop fighting momentarily, grab each other, jump up and down, and shout out “ICE CREAM”. It is just like the Eddie Murphy skit. My kids have never heard his routine about the Ice Cream Man (of course) but by the way they act you’d think they’d memorized it word for word.  It’s worth the $3.50 per popsicle just to get them to calm down for a few minutes. It brings peace to my “middle east”.

Today is a weird day weather-wise here in Denver. There’s no sunshine. We usually enjoy about 300 days of sunshine a year, but today is definitely not one of them. Ben and I are sitting here in the waiting room at Children’s, waiting for his blood work to come back. I’m working on a massive headache and Ben is bored out of his mind – despite having a DS and a computer at his disposal. I’m anxious for today’s report and that just makes the waiting more unbearable. I’m cranky. Short tempered. Borderline scowling. Maybe I’ll take Ben for a creamsicle. And get a bottle of orange flavored baby aspirin for myself.

More tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. When I was a kid (a really long time ago) the ice cream truck made a daily stop at “the circle,” the little cul de sac at the end of our street, during the summer months. We were lucky enough to live near the circle, where a posse of about 13 kids from our block congregated every day to ride our bikes, play army on the hill, and climb the big old elm tree next to Susie Lundgren’s house.

    Back to the ice cream – every day my mom would leave a jar of change on the back porch and it was up to me and my two brothers to spend it. We could hear the music from the truck long before we could see it and that was our cue to hightail it back home, grab our pennies and get back down to the circle in time to be the first kids in line. My favorite? You guessed it…an orange Creamsicle.


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