It’s “Left Hander’s Day” AND Miracle Treat Day

I have to let everyone know that today is MIRACLE TREAT DAY! Go to a participating Dairy Queen and buy a BLIZZARD. The proceeds go to your local children’s hospital. This is Ben’s 3rd year as a Miracle Treat Kid. He’s not presenting a plaque to any of the local DQ’s this year because we didn’t know how he’d feel, but he’s got his Miracle Kid shirt and we’re going to go pick up a blizzard later.

IMG_0914Here he is presenting a plaque two years ago.

Ben is feeling pretty good. Last night, the manager of The Outback (Ben’s favorite restaurant) gave Ben a “Manager’s Card”. It has his name on it and entitles him to free meals! My wonderful friend, Angela, works there and told her co-workers about my incredible son. In fact, she was our server back in 2006 when we first moved here. I guess she liked the look of me because we exchanged phone numbers right there and have been friends ever since! Anyway, she told her c0-workers that Ben had relapsed and they’ve been so supportive. They gave Ben a gift basket while he was in the hospital, the Manager’s Card, and they’ll be holding a benefit for him in September. Awesome people! I have the greatest friends in the whole world.

Okay. It’s “Left Hander’s Day”. Two of my best friends in elementary school, Holly and Cortney, were left-handed. I remember this because they had “special” school supplies, like notebooks with the spiral on the opposite side. Many of you know that I’m obsessed with office supplies and paper, so I was envious that they had supplies created especially for them. I was curious as to when they would create special supplies for redheads. Maybe paper with an SPF factor? Anti-freckle erasers? Alas, it never happened. After all, according to a popular study, redheads will be extinct in 100 years. I wonder if our phasing out will be handled like “renewal” in “Logan’s Run”? We’ll all be called into a special chamber and spontaneously combust. Perhaps there will be an underground movement of redheads fighting to  maintain our existence – after all, the best place for a redhead is underground and out of the sun.

How do I always get so far off topic? I guess it’s my special gift.

I had to be left-handed once in middle school. My right wrist had a hairline fracture  – from gymnastics or general clumsiness – which required me to wear a half-cast for a while. I didn’t have many problems converting to left-handedness but I was far from being ambidextrous. I learned, however, that I’m prone to putting my left foot forward for sliding, surfing, and snowboarding (which I’ve not yet tried but plan to do someday). This trait is called “goofy-footed”. Most people, even the left-handed type, tend to put their right foot forward for such activities. Not me. I’m “goofy”. Explains it all, doesn’t it? If you’re curious about your status, crouch down on the floor, jump up in the air, and let your body do the rest. It will know which foot you prefer to place in the forward position. If it’s your left foot, you’re goofy, too. Welcome to the club.

Okay, Madeline’s off at school and I’m going to go snuggle with the Bean. It stinks that his counts are low but it’s pretty sweet that I get him all to myself. And speaking of sweet, don’t forget to go get your Blizzard at DQ.

More tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe I had two national days in a row–middle child and left handers–and didn’t know it until today! Saw the gang at Columbus Children’s on Wednesday, and everyone, including us, sends their love!


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