During the summer of 2000 I found myself on the island of Grand Cayman taking a two-week certification course for scuba diving. I was 30 years old and “highly” stressed out. Oh, my life was full of woe back then, for I had just completed my MBA at the University of Denver and had to […]

Going for the Win

I know I’ve shut down a bit lately. Getting the news that Ben’s disease has progressed despite being on chemo really threw me over the edge. This has never happened before. Therapy has always made him better. Yes, he relapses a lot, but therapy has always helped. And now that it isn’t, well, that’s simply […]

Making headlines

I do spend a lot of time on the computer, so I’m no stranger to the trending sensation of sensationalism. I just saw a headline a few minutes ago that said, “What the mechanic did to this woman’s car left her in tears.” Well, we’re expecting some horrible story about how this evil mechanic left […]

Summer Son

There’s an element of every season that I love, but if I had to choose, summer is probably my least favorite. I’m very sensitive to heat and while I love being ON the water (preferably in a small craft like a sailboat or a canoe) I don’t love the beach. I’ll take a snowy mountain […]


So, the little girl who got “kicked out” of KFC for having a face too scarred to let others enjoy their 11 herbs and spices has been deemed a hoax. The little girl does, indeed, have a legitimate medical issue – she was attacked by dogs that took her eye and left her precious face […]

Case #122502

So, the night before Ben’s surgery I couldn’t sleep. I made a bunch of cinnamon muffins and took them to Ben’s school as soon as they opened just to have something to keep myself occupied. It’s such an odd feeling to look forward to and dread something all at the same time. Of course I […]


The night before we left Kansas City last week, I asked my dear girlfriend, Dawna, for a word to write about. She chose Wiley, which is the name of her dog as well as her maiden name. I was in the mode of still asking for words to write about because I had no idea […]