Who needs a hug?

Yesterday Ben and I headed to the hospital for his regular clinic appointment. They didn’t even draw his labs before determining that the kid needed some fluids and probably some platelets since petechiae (tiny dots of blood/bruising) had formed around his mediport. Sure enough, when his labs came back, he was in some desperate need […]

The perfect day

When looking back on days that really meant something to me, December 4, 1991 always pops into my mind. I was officially an adult: I had┬árecently graduated from Ohio University and was actually using my degree. I was taking my first, real vacation – one that I paid for myself. I was going alone. I […]

Choosing hope….

Shortly after Ben was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2004, I attended a conference in Chicago that dealt specifically with this insidious disease. It was an annual (now semi-annual) event put on by a mother who lost her son a few years prior, but was dedicated to continuing the fight for others. She collected all the […]