Hope Chest

While I was visiting Ohio last week, I overheard my sister, Cassi, and my dad’s lovely wife, Janet, discussing heirlooms. I was sitting on the couch in another room – staring out the window and silently sobbing – while they were talking about china and knick-knacks and other things deemed inheritable, when my sister brought […]

adrenal overload

I wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of my inner circle yesterday, for this sweet little redhead had a pretty serious meltdown. My hand was literally on the handle of my suitcase, which was filled with a week’s worth of clothes for myself, Ben and Madeline. I needed to be at my ex-husband’s house […]


I learned 10 days ago that my son’s cancer has returned. Usually, I’d get right on my blog and start writing away about the options as well as including my hopes and fears and all the other nonsense that flies through your head when you’re given tremendously bad news. But this time, I did my […]