Bad News Room

“Why are we in this room?” Ben’s wary voice wavered. He froze solid as his big brown eyes scanned the perimeter of his surroundings – as if he were searching the room for secret ninjas. He slowly tucked his trusty DS under his arm as he looked around, his head absolutely still but his eyes […]

Silver lining

Ten years ago this week, we were on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. The search party consisted of Matt, a two-and-a-half-year-old Ben, and a five-months-pregnant me. We weren’t trekking through the Wilderness on our search – kinda hard to do in Dublin, Ohio – but it was a pretty popular tree lot, laden […]


She stepped into the elevator directly after we did, a bible in one hand and a cell phone in the other. Her bright blue t-shirt shouting HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! in multi-colored letters. I wasn’t sure if her shirt’s message was meant for me or a reminder for her. We were in a children’s hospital, after […]