Guess what?

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Correct? I mean, my loyal readers should know this by now, right? My Facebook followers have seen many pictures over the course of Ben’s nearly decade-long fight against neuroblastoma, yes? I mean, raising awareness is kinda what this month is about and that’s where I’ve been focusing my energy. […]

Hand holding

Saturday night was the annual Miracle Party, which honors cancer kids nation wide. It was started here in Denver by a fellow “cancer mom” Stacy. Her daughter, Kennedy, battled cancer a few years ago and it was during that battle that Stacy decided to put together a party for families dealing with this cancer baloney […]

Being twelve

As I was picking up Ben from middle school the other day, I watched two young girls as they crossed the parking lot. They were dressed exactly alike: shorts, matching shirts, tennis shoes and scarves tied around their heads to hold their very similarly colored hair out of their beautiful, young faces. In one arm […]

Hand print

As a cancer patient, Ben has had some pretty cool opportunities. He’s been on the JumboTron at Coors Field for a Starlight event, he participated in a fashion show with the Colorado Avalanche, he was the featured kid for the Wendy’s International LPGA tournament, he got a Make A Wish trip, he’s met some pretty […]


After hearing the ridiculous statement “your child has cancer,” you don’t really understand much that immediately follows. At least I didn’t. I saw the doctors mouths moving. I saw them shuffle through papers. I heard them asking me to sign things. Consents. Waivers. Proof that I was “okay” with my son losing his ability to […]


She said a lot of swear words. Many found this trait offensive, but I did not live in that camp. I thought, “Hey, she’s battling for her life. What’s a swear word or two?” But she swore like a sailor and she was only seven. She wandered the halls on her own, dragging her IV […]

Role Model

It’s September, which means that it’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I’m kicking off the month by snuggling next to my three-time cancer survivor while he continues to snooze. Ben is a very loving and affectionate boy – so I don’t have to steal my snuggles very often – but there’s something so precious about […]