My sister and I received a touching email from our dad this morning. He reminded us that today marked the twenty-sixth anniversary of when he married my mother. He was able to condense his intense love for her, her difficult nature, and his gratefulness to still be a part of our lives in one beautifully […]


Colorado has over 50 peaks that are over 14,000 feet in elevation – otherwise known as “fourteeners.” I’ve been at this altitude many times via car or train or some other mode of non-self-motivated transportation, but I’d never climbed one on my own. When I had a day to myself last weekend I thought I’d […]


We were under the weather yesterday. Ben was struggling with a cough, Madeline was sniffling, my throat felt scratchy… so we just stayed in bed a good chunk of the day. I was disappointed because I was hoping to go do something fun… summer is quickly running out. There have been a few fun moments […]


Happy Birthday, Colorado. You’re 137 years old today. Of course, you’ve always been here land wise – so you’re really much older – but just because you drew some new boundaries you get to knock a few years off. I’m going to do that, too, when I finally get my face lift. So. What’s new? […]