Identity Thief

Yesterday, Ben was chosen as “Brave Patient of the Day” by a FaceBook page called “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” an organization who brings healing through the arts. They put his picture up on their site for the day and we got some new followers/prayer warriors/friends. But the best thing to come out of it […]

July 20

Several of my dearest friends over the last few decades have celebrated July 20 as their birthday. I always thought it was pretty cool because it’s also the same day as the moon landing (or the moon landing hoax – if that’s what you believe, or the day that Forrest Gump played a mad game […]

Party foul

I said hello. That’s all. A simple hello to a stranger in a busy city transportation terminal. He was friendly so I didn’t think anything of it when he asked me to go with him. He said he knew a less crowded place where we could catch a taxi without all the competition. Okay, I […]


I don’t get out much. I’m always on the go but when it comes to having fun with adults, I usually don’t have that opportunity. My kids and I have a blast together. In fact, since Ben was discharged yesterday and we only have today off from the hospital before starting another grueling week (actually […]