Don’t give a crazy person extra crazy…

I think it’s kinda interesting that someone keeps extending my credit line of CRAZY. Clearly, I’ve abused my crazy privileges. I bought more and more crazy just to clutter up my closets with crazy. And just when I maxed out my crazy credit line, I get a nice letter from the crazy credit managers stating “Congratulations! We’ve extended your CRAZY another 20 gazillion points!” My crazy rating is clearly through the roof. Fortunately, this new situation of dealing with Ben’s return of neuroblastoma should be covered by this new extension of crazy credit. But I think this purchase will totally max it out. I’ve got NOTHING left for collateral.

I wonder if I can file bankruptcy on this? Go to crazy court, tell them I can’t pay, and then they’ll say, “Well, Sarah, we’re going to have to take Ben’s cancer back since your credit line of crazy has been overextended.” Hey! Fine by me! I like that plan. Repossess that tumor. Sell it off at a police auction. Lock it away with the Arc of the Covenant from Indiana Jones. While you’re at it, I have some other things I’d like to relinquish to the crazy court.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Crazy girl can’t catch a break.

So… I’m currently crazy because my son has surgery tomorrow. Or, if you’re with the rest of my family and friends in the Eastern Time Zone, today. He has two hours left to eat before his midnight (MDT) deadline. Surgery is about 15 hours away and I think crazy is going to keep me up for a while tonight. Oh, who am I kidding? Surgery never happens on time… we’re probably looking at a much longer wait. We’re due to go in at 12:45… I’m betting that it’s closer to 3 pm. Just a guess. Place your bets!!

The surgery will be to place a mediport, complete a bone marrow biopsy to ensure there’s no disease in his marrow, and to take out that tumor. They’ve scheduled him for three hours in the operating room so I imagine it’ll take around two. I know port placement and bone marrow biopsies are generally quick. We just don’t know what that tumor is all about. I’m hoping it has its bags packed, has rounded up any of its crazy cancer family, and is ready to leave. He’s received his final warning. Eviction day is tomorrow.

I think Ben is handling it well. He said yesterday that he was glad he’d be getting out of school but then confessed today that he’d rather go to school than have surgery. I can appreciate that. Ben is old hat at this surgery gig. I know he’s “concerned” but he won’t let it keep him awake like I will. So, I bought Ben a new Lego set to work on while he’s waiting and starving… a good distraction for both. Keep those hands and mind occupied. I’m taking coloring books for Madeline and I… coloring is one of the best ways to soothe myself. I should also state that if you’re lucky enough to have my phone number, I’d certainly take amusing texts from you at any time. Distract me, please!

Otherwise, I’ll just be looking for other ways to max out my credit line of crazy. I’m afraid it’s becoming a habit. I’m sad about it and would love to change it, but more just keeps getting added. I wish I had the option of canceling my credit line and running that stupid card through a wood chipper.

I’m clearly drowning in crazy.

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  1. Sending you lots of love and prayers for you all. Clean marrow, speedy surgery and recovery, and no more crazy for mom. 🙂


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