I’m sitting here on my couch (surprise, surprise) waiting for this storm that’s been threatening all day to finally come and get down to business. It seems like it has a plan and then changes its mind. It’s been screwing with me all day. Funny how the weather is totally in sync with my current […]

Sleep is overrated?

I am so mad and frustrated that I cannot focus enough to write coherently. Maybe it’s because I’m not sleeping well. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling more than overwhelmed. I can hear somebody saying, “Sarah, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and it’s all small stuff)” Oh yeah? Well, come over here and say that to […]


I hate when I just sit here on the couch completely incapable of doing anything at all. I don’t have the kids today and I just bet that I’m going to sit here all day and do nothing. I’m completely overwhelmed. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day outside… I could go […]

five stages

Sometime around 1969 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross came up with the five stages of grieving, which was eventually published in her opus “On Death and Dying.” She suggested that people dealing with major grief-causing events experienced the following stages (not in any particular order): Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. I would argue that I deal with […]

brain no workee

Bzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzz. BZZZZZZZZ!!!! I hear you. I’m just ignoring you. Maybe that buzzing is the start of an ear infection? Perhaps a bug has moved in? Or maybe I have ear cancer? I’ll have to have an ear-ectomy. Buzz buzz buzz. Please, for the love of the Pete, please stop with the buzzing already. I […]


The night before we left Kansas City last week, I asked my dear girlfriend, Dawna, for a word to write about. She chose Wiley, which is the name of her dog as well as her maiden name. I was in the mode of still asking for words to write about because I had no idea […]

Missing mom

It hasn’t even been a week yet since I heard the news that my son had relapsed, but it feels like a million years ago. We’re waiting to know more about our planned course of attack and if we’ll be traveling to Cincinnati or Philadelphia or somewhere else. Meanwhile, all I can think about is […]

Kicked out

I jolted to attention – spine stick straight – searching for breath and clutching at that place on my body where my heart supposedly continues to beat internally. My heart must still be there, for I felt it pounding for a few seconds as I remembered where I was. Home. In bed. Safe? Not sure […]