I rode around on a trash truck yesterday. No, I’m not considering a change in career, I’m working for a waste disposal company in the recruiting department and I wanted to know what a day in the life of a driver would be like. So, I had to report to work at 5 AM, which […]


I love words with my whole heart. When I was in first grade I realized that I could see a word once and it would be burned into my memory in such a way that I would always know how to spell it. When it came time for the weekly spelling test in Mrs. Sutherland’s […]


Wouldn’t you know it? I get so few days to sleep in and today I woke at 5 AM after having a terrible dream. The dream was so intense that I shot up out of my sleep, grabbing my chest because I was unable to breathe. While I immediately knew I was safe I couldn’t […]