Okay, so my brainiac friend, Jason Gilmore, just gave me this word, OSCILLOSCOPE, to write about. Essentially, he cracked open my cranium and poured some liquid over my control panel that created lots of smoke and shot sparks and gave off a lot of feedback. I’ve officially short-circuited. Congratulations, Jason. You broke it. I’m not […]


“I’d recognize that look anywhere,” I muttered to myself as they wheeled her son into the PACU. She had hair that had been hastily pulled back. Her cell phone was glued to her hand and giving constant updates to those who were concerned about her son. And that look. The look of a deer caught […]


This word makes me happy. Not because I’m a giant fan of tomato soup (I LOVE me some tomato soup), but because the last time I had soup I was sitting across from a dear friend. Actually, it was the very friend who gave me today’s word. I don’t know why she chose this word […]

Trade show

In 1993 I was a social worker for a mental health facility in Columbus, Ohio. My job was to rehabilitate people living in the state hospital – mostly schizophrenics – to the point where they could function in the community. Why would I do this, you ask? Well, state hospitals cost a lot of money […]