Change of habit

While I haven’t hit all the Daily National Holidays in existence over the last three years of writing this blog I think it’s time for me to switch gears. It’s true that I’ve posted just under 200 entries over the last 1,000+ days, which means that at least 150 holidays have not been recognized by my amazing wit and insight. I know, that is a true tragedy. I promise, though, that if I come across a holiday that speaks to me then I will pounce on it like a deranged serial killer at a summer camp full of sinners who deserve a painful, yet creative, death. Besides, I didn’t get to write about National Tap Dancing Day, which personifies me to the core. How could that not be an engaging topic?

So. What will my blog be about instead? In all honesty, I’m not changing that much. I’m just changing the daily topic. When I was in Mrs. Doran’s creative writing class at Watkins Memorial High School my very favorite exercise in the whole world was when she would write a single word on the blackboard and give us 20 minutes to write anything we wanted. Sometimes I would wander far off topic. Sometimes I would go places I never wanted to explore. Sometimes I would sit and stare at my college-ruled paper, pen in hand, with nothing flowing at all. But always, when I would re-read it (even the blank stuff), I was amazed by what I wrote. It wasn’t something premeditated. It just happened. My true thoughts beat me to the punch before I could second guess myself. I’m a second guesser by nature. I’m self-conscious. I’m insecure. I am a serial editor; in writing, in thought, in action. I get so confused and turned around that I forget what my original instinct was. Well, my friends, no longer.

So here’s the plan: Each day, on one of my outlets (could be facebook, google+, or I just might text you and ask you personally) I’m going to ask for ONE WORD. The first person to respond on, let’s say, facebook, will be the chosen one of the day. I’m not going to look for my “favorite” word, just the first word that appears. And then I’m going to take 30 minutes to write about that word. Wherever it takes me. Wherever it doesn’t. The person who comes up with the word will get special credit somewhere in my post. Get ready to challenge me, friends. And you know I’m coming for some of you specifically.

My reason behind this is that I want to start writing more. I’m going to do this daily. As I get stronger, then maybe I’ll write more about other things. We’ll see. But I want to make writing a daily exercise. Gotta start somewhere. And it will guarantee me at least ONE reader. 🙂


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