Warning: Could be deemed as PG-13+ material! Ah, the old double entendre. A word that in a straight forward manner means one thing but then alternately takes on a more risqué meaning, much to the delight of 12-year-old boys everywhere. I can see them now, huddled together in the schoolyard snickering to each other as […]


“Say Cheese!” The photographer shouted his command at me, which made my cat’s claws sink deeper into my shoulder. Mom warned me that taking Prissy to be photographed was NOT a good idea. I thought her negativity revolved around the fact that Prissy would shed all over my sweet JC Penney velour pantsuit, not the […]


Historically speaking, when a Dalai Lama dies, a very lengthy process takes place in choosing the next one. It involves quite a lot of mystical stuff, like which way the smoke of the funeral pyre blows and then – most importantly – what toy the child picks from the line-up of the former Dalai Lama’s […]


“Let me see that again,” I questioned my seven-year-old son as he was brushing his teeth. There was a white spot was on his tongue, something I hadn’t noticed before, and something I knew shouldn’t be there. I took his toothbrush from him and tried with all my might – short of making his tongue […]


“Any kind of love without passion ain’t no kind of lovin’ at all.” ~The Eagles That first electric spark that melds into a soul redeeming kiss that makes you forget the concept of time. Everything stands still yet rushes with great urgency toward the moment you know is coming but can’t bear to face – […]


It’s no secret that I’m a rural girl, having grown up in a village of about 500 folks in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio. Kirkersville was a one-stoplight town. At the time of my upbringing it had two bars and three churches, a carry out, an ice cream joint, a funeral parlor, a fire station, […]


Today’s word is brought to you by Joyce Hamilton Webster, WMS Cheerleading Coach Extraordinaire. She is the first on my long list of people I will be personally soliciting for a special word. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Joyce, but am totally enthralled with her submission. And I’m not talking the Christian Grey […]


I’ve never understood the attraction of olives. Sure, they look cool adorning each finger like some extraterrestrial with their suction-like fingers (I’m assuming here – I have no proof that aliens exist OR what their supposed fingers look like) but to eat them? Ewww. Those creepy little red pimientos contrasting against the green skin of […]


I can feel the sun shining on me through the thick, clear plastic of my ultra cool umbrella, circa 1973. My umbrella is shaped like a giant mushroom. It’s one of my prized possessions. I’m dancing barefoot in the yard and I can see very clearly that I’m at my grandma’s house in Buckeye Lake. […]

Change of habit

While I haven’t hit all the Daily National Holidays in existence over the last three years of writing this blog I think it’s time for me to switch gears. It’s true that I’ve posted just under 200 entries over the last 1,000+ days, which means that at least 150 holidays have not been recognized by […]