It’s Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day commemorates the biblical story of the three kings who followed the bright star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Christ child. But since this story gets a lot of press already, let’s talk about Little Kings instead. You know, the delicious cream ale.

Actually, I’m just kidding. I don’t want to talk about that either. The alternate holiday for today is BEAN DAY! And you KNOW I want to talk about that. My Bean. Bean is my nickname for Benjamin. I don’t really know where it came from but one day I called him Bean and it stuck. He went through a small phase of rejecting it but now he fully embraces it. For instance, he’ll state something like “Let the Bean show you how it’s done.” He’s just so stinking cute.

So, hackers did a number on my site recently. Some revamping has had to occur, which is actually a good thing because I haven’t made any changes since starting this blog in 2009. One of the things that I’ve done is write an “About Ben” page that people can click on to learn more about Ben instead of having to read every single entry of my blog. Now, I think it’s a good idea for people to read every single entry, but it’s not fair to newcomers to have to weed through the site to garner information about my fine young son and his battle with cancer. So, the “About Ben” page was born. I sat down and wrote it yesterday. It was exhausting. In thinking back over the chain of events of the past eight years I get a bit misty. Oh, what am I saying? Sometimes I just flat out break down. It’s heartbreaking to relive all that he’s been through. The beautiful thing, though, is that he’s still alive. And he’s doing well. I cannot complain about that.

One of the other things that I want to begin is a video component to my blog. I’m working on that today and hope to have something to post soon. It will be a short entry – about 1 or 2 minutes in length – but I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit. I love to write but something else that I love to do that I never really realized until recently is do some public speaking. I’m not just a writer. I’m a storyteller. And while I believe I’m a good enough writer to convey emotion and all that jazz in my written posts sometimes it just has to be told. 

So, here’s to a new phase. A new year. A healthier web site. New challenges. Being stronger than we look.

And that’s that. Think about the Bean today. Right now he’s finishing Math at school – his least favorite subject – but I know that if he can get through cancer, he can certainly get through long division.

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