It’s National Whipped Cream Day

I don’t love whipped cream. Many of you know that I’m not a big fan of dessert so since whipped cream is traditionally a dessert topping, I suppose it goes into the dessert category. Now, I should state that I kinda like it if it’s being shot out of a pressurized can straight into my mouth, but I’m not the kind of girl that asks for it on top of my brownie or ice cream or hot chocolate.

I did have a dog – Stella – who would come running from wherever she was if she heard the top of the whipped cream can come off. I don’t know how she could distinguish that particular “pop” from other lids coming off, but she could. She was a maniac when it came to whipped cream. I would hold the can up high and start a slow, steady stream flowing from the can straight to her mouth. Her puppy lips never touched the nozzle – I can assure you of that – but she would stand underneath the drizzle of sweet, white confection and furiously lap it up. It was quite comical to watch. Oh, how I miss that dog.  She was a super star.

While I don’t love desserts, I’m convinced that it’s a totally appropriate analogy to use in my current situation. My life can be equated to a frivolous dessert. I’m recently divorced, which I’ll call the bowl that holds my delicious concoction together. Being single again holds many freedoms and yet just as many insecurities. We were married for 10 1/2 years, which in dog years equates to nearly 77 years.  So, to get used to all that comes along with being divorced, well, it certainly is an adjustment period. I think I’m absolutely fine from a relationship standpoint – I’m not mourning that, but it is tough to figure out all the logistics of being single again. But I’m building a new life now, one that is suited for me and the children. Bowl=New Life.

Next, I’m moving. I found a SWEET apartment that is close to the kids’ school, has its own garage so I can still do my picture framing, has a dog park for my crazy little pups to run amok in, and then the extra amenities like a swimming pool, work out facility, etc. I’m actually pretty excited about moving and so are the kids. New Environment=Ice Cream

And that’s all I’ve got. I’ve got the bowl and I’ve got the ice cream. Oh, wait. Ben is back on track with his treatment so we’ll call that the butterscotch. Now I’m waiting for the hot fudge, whipped cream and cherry. Actually, I’m working diligently on the hot fudge (an awesome job opportunity) and I’m pretty confident I have the cherry (which I can’t really discuss at this juncture).  I’m definitely going to forgo the nuts. I’ve had enough nuts in my life and have decided that I have a nut allergy. So, no more nuts. I’m still, however, in search of the whipped cream. I know what the whipped cream is… I just have to make it happen. And it will. Eventually.

So, that’s my dessert. It’s coming together. It might not be at the pace I want it to happen, but I know that the timing will work out the way it’s supposed to.

I’m just hoping that my ice cream doesn’t melt while I’m waiting.

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