Another Looooonnnnng commercial break…

You wouldn’t BELIEVE what’s been going on here. Unfortunately, I cannot share it with you… yet! But be warned. It’s gonna blow your socks off. Or make you nauseous. Or make you laugh ’til you pee your pants. Trust me, something will happen to you on an emotional/physical level. I guarantee it. 🙂

I can, however, share with you some news about Ben. He is still HAMA positive, which means that we have not made any new trips to NYC since August. His oncologist has stated that he’s feeling positive about the fact that Ben has received nine rounds of antibody therapy. He thinks that waiting to see if Ben’s HAMA comes down on its own is no cause for alarm. Waiting for anything in the world of cancer is usually a bad idea since cancer – especially neuroblastoma – can usually find something nefarious to do when given any amount of idle time.

We’ll know more about Ben’s HAMA and next steps in treatment this coming Wednesday.

Other updates: Kids are taking karate, PopPop came for a visit over fall break, Ben has gained a few more pounds (yay!), and both are doing well in school (Madeline is a spelling dynamo and Ben reads like a maniac!).

I can’t say that things are perfect around here but we’re making adjustments and learning to get through each day.

I promise to write more soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sarah, we continue to check up on you guys and are glad to hear all is going well. We need to get Noah and Ben together on email. They are such peas in a pod…I wish we were there to see him. Thanks for keeping everyone updated and we can’t wait to hear what’s been going on. Our prayers are always with you and your family. Aimee


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