I could hear the girls giggling in the hallway, trying so hard to be quiet like I had asked them to be at least three times. A smile spread across my face as I heard them whispering to each other – communicating as only little girls know how to do. Knowing that within a matter of seconds I would be sticking my head out into the hallway again to remind them to be quiet. That other children nearby needed their rest.

Two little girls playing together. Trading secrets with each other. Giggling about boys and butterflies and whatever else strikes their fancy. Normal things. From my vantage point behind the door, one would believe all was well. These girls were not out of the ordinary. With only the sense of hearing, one could easily recognize the sound of young feet running up and down the hallway or when the audible threshold was in danger of being thrown over for a fit of hysterical laughter.

It’s a good day for her. Not my kiddo, the other one. Without any other senses you couldn’t see that she was bald. That there was a chunk of her skull missing. That she had tubes leading to an area in her chest. That she carried a bag full of medicine to hopefully make her well.

That her giggling days are few and far between.

Usually, she sits in a wheelchair. The pain in her feet makes it unbearable to put any pressure on them. Her complexion sallow thanks to all the chemotherapy coursing through her veins. A yellow bucket sitting in her lap just in case she got sick. She nearly always gets sick.

Yes. Today was a blessed day. I’m so glad my daughter got to play with her – afford her a little levity during her tumultuous storm of therapy. Run up and down the halls with her and giggle until they got out of control. I tried hard to make my voice sound stern enough to get them to settle down but have to admit that my heart soared when they were in the full throes of a giggle fit.

I hope she doesn’t fade away into the shadows. I hope we don’t lose her like we’ve lost so many others. I hope that someday her everyday can be full of kittens and rainbows and boys… and whatever else strikes her fancy.

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