It’s “Celebrate Your Unique Talents” Day

“Unique” is a key descriptor for the entity we all know and love as “Sarah”. Here are a few of my unique talents I believe I possess:

1) I can roll my tongue. I can also flip my tongue upside down. BOTH WAYS! THAT, my friends, is a rare trait (give it a try!). I have actually found that my tongue is always rolled. The tension of how tightly my tongue is rolled is an amazing gauge of my stress level. If it’s lightly rolled then I’m in my normal element, which is always a bit stressed. However, in high stress moments, my teeth clench as they lock down the perimeter of the fleshy keeper of my taste buds. If my tongue is the diameter of a pencil, I’m near spontaneous combustion.

2) I can take any scrap of information and make it into a story. Just read my blog.

3) I like to think of myself as creative. I love to craft, make frames, take photographs, make cards… you name it. I’m a craft store junkie and always looking to expand my papercrafting skills.

4) I can find humor even in the most dreadful situations. Some might call it a coping mechanism but I have made it into an art. Someone nail me to a wall. I am finely honed.

5) I love tap dancing and consider myself to be quite skilled as far as adult intermediate dancers go.

6) My brain holds an impressive catalog of movie quotes. Actually, I am in possession of copious amounts of entertaining, yet completely useless, trivia. I can entertain you for hours without even trying.

7) I am a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to prior jobs: I can teach you to dance, check you into your room, serve you some delicious Mexican food, talk you down from your schizophrenic ledge, explain your benefits package, type 100 words a minute, show you the ropes on a sailboat, explain the inner workings of a non-profit organization, teach you how to mix developer in a darkroom and artistically compose your photographs, talk you into letting me frame your project in a much simpler manner than what you had in mind, teach remedial French, write a newspaper article, make hundreds of copies and bind your book, write your resume, help you decide which winter job-opportunity would best suit you, balance your checking account and make change, up-sell you to a better ski boot, massage away your tension, promote your film, interview and hire enough people to fill an entire call center – and then fire them all, track 72 different medications for my kiddo’s cancer treatment and all the other ridiculous hooey that cancer brings with it (like giving shots).

I gotta stop here. I’m overwhelming myself with my “mad skillz”.

If I’ve missed something, let me know. 🙂

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