It’s “Deviled Egg” Day

Ewwwww. I really don’t like deviled eggs. In fact, the only way I like my eggs are scrambled with fresh ground black pepper or mixed up in cake batter (without the pepper). Otherwise, you can keep your eggs, deviled or otherwise.

After a bit of research, I found that deviled eggs are important to mainly Americans and the French. And the term “deviled” doesn’t have anything to do with horns or pitchforks, it has to do with being spicy. Since I don’t eat deviled eggs I don’t know if they’re truly spicy or not, but who cares? It doesn’t change my opinion of them. Icky, ewww, gross. Hard boiled eggs are the devil.

So. You can guess that I do not own a plate specifically designed to hold deviled eggs. Now, I’m all for kitchen gadgets – one might say that I’m a bit obsessed with them – but I believe that owning a plate specifically for deviled eggs goes a bit too far. I feel the same about toast grabbers and taco shell holders. They are not used often enough to warrant taking up precious cabinet space. My opinion, friends. I won’t judge you if you have these items at your house. Okay, I might. But just a little.

The other interesting fact is that today’s holiday falls on Election Day. I can definitely get on board with politicians being like deviled eggs. They can be slimy and act like the devil. And I’m not talking about the “spicy” kind of deviled.

Speaking of devils, Halloween just passed. Last year found 1/2 of the Brewers (mom and Mad) trick-or-treating and the other 1/2 (Ben and dad) stuck in the hospital with neutropenia from chemotherapy. Ben was so sick for one of his favorite holidays. The scariest thing he got to do for Halloween was get a blood transfusion. In fact, I made a door hanger for his room that said “No candy, just blood.” He didn’t really find mom’s humor very uplifting, but that’s nothing out of the norm. He often looks at me like a parent looks at a misbehaving child. Who’s supposed to be the adult here? There’s no question that Ben plays that role when it comes to me and my sense of humor.

So, this year I thought that a party was in order. We hosted several classmates and friends for what turned out to be one heck of a party. There was screaming, bobbing for apples, silly string fights, tons of sugar, crafts, and  a pinata (beautifully created and generously donated by my friend, Tracey). It was lots of fun. I hope it rubbed out the memory of last year for Ben – at least a little bit.

This year was good. Ben and Mad carved pumpkins, went to a pumpkin patch, dressed up as a ghost and a witch, and trick-or-treated with neighborhood friends. It was a precious bit of normal.

Deviled eggs, though. There ain’t nothin’ normal about those.

(Don’t forget to vote!)

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