Ben says “It’s ‘Oh, Really?’ Day”

Yep. You heard correctly. The Bean has stated that today is “Oh, Really?” Day. You should feel free to pose this question, dripping with sarcasm, to anyone you want throughout the day.

Cashier #1: “Would you like to open a ____ charge card today? You’ll save 10% on today’s purchase.”

You: (with raised eyebrow and slightly ‘smirky’ upturn on your lips) “Oh, really?”

As I typed this, I was surprised to learn that “smirky” isn’t recognized as a word. Oh, really?

So. What’s going on here in Central Colorado? Well, Madeline is taking singing lessons, gymnastics, a tap/ballet combo class and karate. She didn’t know what she truly wanted to do (her ultimate goal is to be an actress) so she’s getting a taste of a few things in order to make an informed decision. I think she’s going to hang on to gymnastics and singing, and mom will just have to understand – although it will be with a broken heart – that she is not going to hang on to tap. That’s okay. (Oh, really?)

Ben is taking swimming lessons and karate. The goal here is to build up his strength. He’s such a tiny little guy. Being 20 pounds heavier than he currently is would only put him in the bottom 1/2 of what he should be at this age. In other words, he’s not even on the growth chart at this phase of his sweet little life. He wants to go back to school as soon as possible and while there are some real reservations to allowing this (his having ADD being the biggest concern) I’m really concerned that all the boys will harass him for being tiny and having so many physical limitations. I can’t help it. I’m his mom. And I’d hate to have to go beat up a bunch of 4th graders for making fun of my kid. Just kidding. They could probably beat me up, too.

So, Ben and I are sitting in bed at 1 PM on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Despite all the school and extra curricular activities going on, we had nothing major on the calendar for today. Ben did his schoolwork already and Madeline gets out in a couple of hours, so I caught up on some sleep and now Ben and I are  just hanging out in bed playing on our respective laptops. We occasionally look at one another and say “Oh, Really?” for no apparent reason. Yoshi is eating something off the floor, probably a Lego or a Polly Pocket, and looking at me as if to say “are you going to take this from me or what?” All I can give him is my “Oh, Really” look. It sounds like we’re completely content. For now, we are.

As far as Ben’s treatment stuff goes, we just had his blood draw yesterday at Denver Children’s to send off to MSKCC to see if he’s HAMA positive or negative. We want negative at this point so he can continue to receive the antibodies. If he’s negative, we’ll go to NYC mid-October. This will be his 4th round. He’ll have the whole workup of scans after he’s done with his week of treatment so our stay in NYC will be extended for several days after he’s done with antibodies. Hopefully we can squeeze in a bit of fun over the weekend while he’s feeling well.

Oh yeah! That reminds me! On Saturday, October 16th, Ben and I will be participating in an event called “Extra Life”. It is a 24 hour marathon of playing video games and the money we raise will go to our local Children’s Miracle Network. Ben is REALLY excited about this because, well, he LOVES to play video games (Oh, Really?) and 24 hours of gaming will not be difficult for him. I’m playing, too. I’ve got my Chuzzle and Bejeweled Blitz to keep me occupied. I might even try to play some old school Pac Man or Space Invaders. We have set our fundraising goal at $1,000 and we’re already 1/2 way there. We’re asking our donors to pledge a dollar an hour ($24.00) but any amount would be great. Please follow the link below and show us some LOVE!

This is Ben’s personalized donation page. Chances are very high that we’ll be playing from the Ronald McDonald House in NYC. I’ve called ahead to see if we can play in the living room at the house for the entirety of the marathon. That way we can invite actual miracle children to join in the fun. So, you won’t be just supporting us, you’ll be supporting ALL the kids staying at the Ronald.

That being said, today is the last day of September, which means today is the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I hope you told all your friends about a wonderful young man you know and how he’s fighting very hard for his life. It’s hard to not get disgruntled that the Gold Ribbon doesn’t get the love and support that the Pink Ribbon does. I’m not saying that breast cancer is not important, it is. I want to see it eradicated completely along with every other cancer. But people don’t want to think about kids getting cancer. I’ve actually heard from others that it’s just too sad to think about. YES! It is! But ignoring it won’t make it go away. Don’t look away, people. Don’t forget about these children. They are fighting so hard. Living less-than-satisfactory lives. Filled with pain. Ignoring it just hurts them more.

Yes. Really.

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