It’s “Pecan Pie” Day

I despise nearly every sort of pie with the exception of pecan. Pecan pie is deeee-licious. I think it also has the highest caloric content as far as pie goes and that (more than likely) contributes to my interest in this particular flavor. And I’ve always wondered about the pronunciation of “pecan”. Is it proper to say “Pee-kan” or “Pi-kahn”? I usually say “Pee-kan”, probably because that’s how they say it in the South. And being 1/2 Southern myself, well, I can go back and forth between pee-kan and pi-kahn if I want to. It’s my inalienable right as a half-breed. I’ll say pee-kan in my Southern circles (as well as in my Western “cowboy” circles) and pi-kahn while in the company of Yankees.

I googled pecans before writing this post. There are quite a few sites that offered information but I was most enamored with It gives you all the information you would ever need about pecans, including recipes that makes use of pecans all year long (it’s not just for Christmas anymore). You might be interested to know that it would take 11,684 pecans stacked end to end to reach the top of the Empire State Building here in New York City. I know what I’ll be doing later today.

Speaking of nuts, that adequately describes my mental state right now. As I try to focus on getting this post written before Ben starts his first round of 3F8 antibody, I’m listening to the kiddo beside us scream out in pain. He must be about three years old. It’s his first day of antibody treatment, too. He speaks Spanish so I can’t understand his words, but his screams translate very well. He’s inconsolable. His parents are scrambling to soothe him. The “dance therapist” is attempting to distract him. The nurses are medicating. But the fact remains: this therapy sucks. And we’re next. Ben is zoned out, watching Scooby Doo, trying to avoid reacting to the screaming boy.

He ain’t no dummy. He knows what’s coming.

And here we go. They’re pushing the first bit of 3F8 into him right now.

Pray. Please.

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