Two good guys

Ben and I got back from New York late Saturday evening. It had been a very long and arduous week of antibody therapy so we were both beyond exhausted. Nothing more than sleep was on our immediate agenda. Sunday morning, Matt loaded up the canoe while the rest of us slept like a bag of […]

It’s Tuesday

It’s only the second day of antibody therapy and already my brain is complete Jello. When I turn my head I can actually feel the gelatinous mass quiver inside my cranial cavity. I wonder if my Jello-brain is a pretty, decorative molded shape or perhaps a delicious flavor? Doubtful. It’s more likely that my Jello-brain […]

It’s July 8th

“Yay! Ben! We don’t have to come back here for an entire YEAR!!!” I grabbed his small hand in mine as we walked down the hall away from the room where he had just completed his MIBG scan. It had been six months since his prior scan and report of “no evidence of disease”. Dr. […]