It’s “Take Your Dog to Work” Day

I believe that today is one of many “take your dog to work” days available throughout the calendar year, so don’t despair that you’re just now finding out when the day is nearly over.

I’ve never worked anywhere that would have allowed me to bring my dog to work. I guess it’s because I’ve always worked customer service or food industry type jobs. Or maybe it’s because the dogs I’ve had have always been ill-mannered. Being a former HR person, I’ve often wondered if an employee can file a worker’s comp claim for a dog bite from someone else’s dog on “take your dog to work” day? These are the questions that haunt me at night. Seriously.

Ben got a doggie for his birthday. My parents came to visit Ben in NYC over the weekend and while they were here Ben wrangled them into a visit at “our” pet store. The end of this particular visit resulted in a new dog for The Bean. He is over the moon for this dog! “Yoshi” is part Havanese and part Shih Tzu, or a whole “Havasoo”. The dog is truly adorable. I’d add a photo here but I can’t get my computer to cooperate. Pictures to come.

So, Ben turned NINE yesterday. I woke up early in the morning and snuggled up next to him, just breathing him in as he peacefully slept. The newly minted peach fuzz on his head soft against my cheek. Nine. I am able to remember very clearly when I turned nine. And while I’m hoping that Ben forgets a lot of this treatment hooey down the road I sincerely hope he recalls the efforts by so many to ensure that he had a very happy birthday. He was really concerned about having to spend his birthday in New York City, away from family and friends, and enduring yucky treatment. I think, though, that he had a pretty great day.

I put the word out to my friends on facebook to send Ben a birthday card to the Ronald McDonald House. Boy, did my friends come through! As of today, Ben has received around 250 cards from people all over the United States and a few from exotic locations, like Barbados and Australia. The walls in his room are covered with cards. The outpouring of love has been phenomenal and I am sincerely grateful.

I started this post earlier today and now it’s, well, it’s actually a new day. It’s after midnight and while I should be writing about whatever holiday is on June 24th, I feel that I need to finish what I started.

I’m having a bad day. Bad evening. Bad year. I’m so over it. So over people. So over cancer. So over all the uncertainty of absolutely every little thing.

Forget it. My head is swimming and I can’t focus. Ben has scans tomorrow and I must have a huge case of “scanxiety”. I can’t make heads or tails of anything. Be back later.

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