It’s “Make Your Dreams Come True” and “Blame Someone Else” Day

“Give us any chance, we’ll take it. Give us any rule, we’ll break it. We’re gonna make our dreams come true. Doin’ it our way.” Ah, Laverne and Shirley. I loved that show. Just a couple of average girls looking to make their way in this crazy world. Working in a brewery, looking for love, […]

It’s “Step in a puddle and splash your friends” day

My Colorado puddles are currently frozen. If this National day is always January 11, then the person who created this holiday must be from a country that celebrates summer during our winter. Or Yuma, AZ. ‘Cuz if you’re stomping in any of the puddles around here, all you’ll get is the sound of cracking ice. […]

It’s National “Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes” Day

Happy New Year. Last month was extremely difficult to exist through, let alone be creative enough to post entries to my award-winning blog. Okay, so I’m not really winning any awards for my creative writing efforts, but Ben says I’m the best mom ever. That’s award enough for me. I’ve toyed with the idea of […]