It’s “World Hello Day” and “False Confession Day”

World Hello Day was created in 1973 during the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The creators (Americans) felt that if we all got out and said hello to at least 10 people we would be promoting a peaceful environment thus opening the lines of communication and stopping all the unrest in the world.

It’s 36 years later, there’s still conflict between Egypt and Israel, and I highly doubt that saying hello to 10 people today will do anything to alleviate unrest in the middle east. It’s a nice idea – and certainly neighborly – but I don’t see it happening. Good thing that terrorist living in my neighborhood has been carted off to jail. I don’t think he’d be interested in any hello’s from me, even during World Hello Day.

Besides, today is a bad day for such a holiday because today just happens to be game day between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines. Their rivalry has been in place nearly as long as the conflict between Egypt and Israel. I guess I could challenge all Ohio State Buckeye Fans to say hello to 10 Michigan State Wolverine Fans. Yeah. That will happen. Sometimes we just love to hate. (Go Bucks)

I guess my Buckeye friends could just say that they said hello to 10 Wolverines. After all, it is False Confession Day, too. “Yep. I did my part. I said Hello to 10 people from Ann Arbor.” And it would be totally appropriate to say “psych” under your breath because today it’s okay to confess to something you didn’t do.

Who would do that? In watching my children interact, I see quite the opposite.

Mom: “Ben, did you leave Legos all over the floor?”

Ben: “Can’t say that I did, Mom.”

Mom: “Well, who did?”

Ben: “Must have been Madeline.”

Right. Legos are Ben’s domain. Madeline rarely plays with them. Place the blame on the unsuspecting party who is not available to rush to their own defense.  What Ben should really say on a day like today is “Okay, you caught me. I was playing with Madeline’s princess dresses and left them strewn all over the floor.” Right.

Don’t falsely confess to anything. It sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. For instance, I would avoid the following statement: “Remember the time your car caught on fire? Yeah. That was me. You deserved it.”

While this could be a great post and worthy of my creative energy, I just don’t have it in me today. I’m off to say “hello” to 10 random people. (psych) Go Blue. (psych)

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