It’s a “Beautiful Day”

It’s a beautiful day.

I’m happy to say that it is very aesthetically pleasing here in the Denver Metro area. The sun is shining and the snow capped mountains are absolutely stunning against the bright blue sky. I love looking out the window and seeing them in all their majestic glory – even if I am looking at them from the seventh floor of Children’s Hospital.

I used to do a lot of hiking when I lived in Summit County. Once in a while I’d do a strenuous hike. Starting early in the morning, packing lunch for the summit, lots of sunscreen and water, layers of clothes… just me and nature. I miss those days. We, as a family, like to be outside. But a long, strenuous hike? Forget it! Instead of enjoying the journey there would be the incessant questions and demands of “Are we there yet?” or “I’m hungry”, or “I have to pee”, or worse yet, “I have to number two”. Grab some leaves, kids.

I miss the days of listening to the wind whisper through the trees instead of hearing beeping machines and children screaming out in pain. Smelling pine trees instead of antiseptics. Watching wildlife instead of helplessly watching my son fight cancer. Brushing pine needles off my bottom instead of stroking my son’s feverish head. Standing on top of a mountain with my face turned up to the heavens instead of shaking my fists at God. I miss the quiet and the calm. The serenity of no worries. Knowing that I could leave the summit at any time instead of being held captive by a beast set on destroying my son.

It’s a beautiful day. Even though my son just finished throwing up thanks to these wonderful chemo treatments he has to endure, he still has the energy to tell me he loves me or to joke with the nurses or talk about what we’re going to do after he’s finished here today.

We’re going to go out for ice cream. And then maybe we’ll play some video games. It’s a beautiful day.

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  1. Hi Sarah, honestly, this very morning I thought the clouds looked like mountains off in the distance and it reminded me of you and Ben. Sending hugs your way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.


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