It’s Button Day

Is this day about button collections? Or wearing clothes with buttons? Or wearing buttons as “pieces of flair”? Or belly buttons?

Actually, my step-sister doesn’t have a belly button. She was born with some things on the outside that should have been on the inside and in patching her up, the doctors had to “modify” her belly button. I know! I’ve got a story for everything.

As for my buttons, let’s see. Unlike my step-sister, I do have a functioning belly button, which only proves that I am a mammal who spent some time in utero. I’ve been known to sew on occasion but I don’t have a big collection of buttons. I have lots of button-up cardigans that I wear during the colder months (I’m wearing a blue one today). And I had a KILLER collection of Duran Duran buttons in high school. Buttons were my favorite accessory. After all, what were the accessory options in the 80’s? All we had available to us were the rubber bracelets (made famous by Madonna), oversized, metal-studded belts, slouchy socks, Swatch watches, anything neon or day-glo, fingerless gloves, rhinestone jewelry, anything with paint splatters, shirts emblazoned with “RELAX”, and bad perms held together with copious amounts of Aqua Net.

Since I didn’t really get into the clothes aspect (oh, okay, I had a shirt from Benetton) or the big hair (at least not until the late 80’s) I went with buttons. I would spend countless hours at the Record Connection on Hamilton Road going through piles of albums (before CD’s, of course) and their amazing collection of buttons. I had buttons of the band together, buttons of their album covers, buttons of the individual members, buttons with song lyrics, buttons, buttons, buttons. I spent a fair amount of time arranging said buttons on my jean jacket. It explains a lot about my poor academic performance. I can’t remember ever studying during my high school years (and certainly NEVER during study hall since I was too busy passing notes). But I do remember arranging and rearranging my buttons. Everyone’s gotta have a hobby.

Or maybe today is about pushing buttons? I certainly have a few of those. I don’t like to be called “red” (in reference to my hair). I don’t like what I call “condiment crud”. If you’re going to use the ketchup please clean around the top before recapping. And I can’t stand it when the car is turned off but the windshield wipers are left at half-mast. It doesn’t even have to be my vehicle. I can’t stand walking through the parking lot at, say,  Target and seeing wipers left at varying stages of usage. I know, I should just let it go.

We’re at the hospital today. Ben has already had school and is onto the “fun” part of the morning: playing his DS. He just made a new friend named James. James is nine and also has a DS. He is being treated for relapsed ALL (leukemia), has/had red hair and freckles, just like Ben. They seem to be having a great time.

Ben just came back to the room while James’ port had to be accessed. The nurse was having a hard time getting the needle to flush and despite all the “tricks” to manipulate the needle into the port it just wasn’t working. This is never fun for the kiddos, especially when it doesn’t work the first time. Ben came back to his room to give James some privacy. While he was here waiting for James to be finished, he said “I guess I can pray for him while I’m waiting.” I watched as his lips moved – the silent prayer being offered for his new best friend – and was just in awe of him. I have no words to express what I felt for him at that moment.

We’re almost done with today’s infusion. We’ll leave here, head to Burger King (Ben’s favorite!), pick up Madeline and head home to decorate the house for Matt’s birthday. He finally catches up with me today! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Matt!

More later. ❤

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