Today is Open

There is no holiday scheduled for today. And admittedly, I’m at a loss. Last time this occurred I talked about butter. I’m just not feeling that clever today. I can’t believe this week is Thanksgiving. This year has completely flown by, which is difficult to accept when I want to cling to every single day. […]

It’s “World Hello Day” and “False Confession Day”

World Hello Day was created in 1973 during the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The creators (Americans) felt that if we all got out and said hello to at least 10 people we would be promoting a peaceful environment thus opening the lines of communication and stopping all the unrest in the world. It’s 36 […]

It’s Button Day

Is this day about button collections? Or wearing clothes with buttons? Or wearing buttons as “pieces of flair”? Or belly buttons? Actually, my step-sister doesn’t have a belly button. She was born with some things on the outside that should have been on the inside and in patching her up, the doctors had to “modify” […]

I Love Ben

The kids and I fell asleep while watching “Elf” last night. We’d had a very long day at the University of Colorado for the “Dance to Make a Difference” event – the annual marathon that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network.  This was Ben’s second year attending. Ben and Madeline played all day with their sorority […]