It’s Cherries Jubilee Day

I really don’t have a lot to say about Cherries Jubilee. I don’t believe I’ve ever had what some consider to be a tasty treat, but then again, I’m not really big on dessert.

I’ve been wracking my exhausted brain trying to come up with something to write about regarding this topic. The only thing that comes to mind is floating in a gigantic swimming pool filled with cherries. The raft I’m on is blue. I’m lying on my back with my hands folded behind my head, eyes closed, and drifting in my sea of cherries. No waves or ripples, just smooth sailing.

I guess this is not an original thought. After all, there is a popular saying that “Life is a bowl of cherries”. This is usually followed by another statement cautioning one to avoid the “pits” in their cherry-filled life. I can’t even come up with something adequate to say that would reflect how riddled with pits this life has been. I’m so tired.

But, in my pool of cherries, there’s not a single pit to be found. I’m relaxed. Floating. Absolutely no worries.

And I’m pretty sure I have a tan. Clearly, this is a grand fantasy.

More later.

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