It’s “Checkers Day” AKA: “Dogs in Politics Day”

Checkers Day isn’t as simple as it might sound. I was thinking this was an actual celebration of the GAME, you know,  more along the lines of “would you like to be the red or the black circles?”. But it’s not. Checkers Day revolves around Richard M. Nixon’s dog, Checkers, and a speech he gave […]

International Peace Day, World Gratitude Day, and Miniature Golf Day

Wow. I am so not qualified to speak on either International Peace nor World Gratitude Day. It’d be nice to have world peace AND have everyone be grateful for it, but I don’t believe we’ll ever see that in our lifetime. Besides, what would we complain about then? And I just can’t imagine the people […]

Pardon Day

I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent lately. My plan was to write every day this month about Childhood Cancer: the families we met, the little friends we lost, the experiences we had – but it was just too difficult. I started writing about our dear friend, Eden. She passed away last December from Neuroblastoma at […]

The First

We had never heard of neuroblastoma when Ben was first diagnosed in 2004. Of course we’d heard of kids getting  leukemia, which is horrifying enough, but children getting any other sort of cancer was a ridiculous concept to us. The first opportunity I had to go home after Ben’s initial diagnosis I ran straight to […]